Cynthiaa Delaney

Mom . Wife . Entrepreneur . Performance Coach .  

Public Speaker . Author . Mentor .

Corporate Consultant .  Event Producer


I am grateful to be the founder of Self Made Woman! 

For years I have been searching for a project and platform to gift others with all the best information and

tools available, to effectively design their lives and build a legacy for generations to come.

I believe we pay it forward, as we live our lives and set examples for others!


For a decade now, I have been touring the country and internationally. Speaking, coaching, training men and women on the skills and mind-shift techniques that will take them to the next level of abundance in their lives! Abundance in family, love, business, relationships, and finances. I have worked with, CEO's, global and local entrepreneurs, college students, employees of all backgrounds. I am so grateful to have witnessed incredible life changes for thousands of people, from all ages and backgrounds. Too few people have been surrounded by the belief and mentorship to support them. Passing along my knowledge and life lessons is a blessing! Believing in others and celebrating their victories is amazing! We all need support and belief!​


The programming of can’t is a powerful restraint! It creates fear and doubt! But, the incredible truth is, once the key to uncertainty is thrown away, it is replaced with a worthy and empowered perspective! You can then look back at yourself in the mirror, and know you are capable of anything you put your mind and motion to! You then are empowered from within!  Your strongest commodity is YOU!

When you believe in YOU, nothing will stop you!



As a little girl tragedy struck early in my life, a horrific accident that involved my family and took my brothers life. My mother passed just 6 years later. Many other trials came my way at a very early age. My life is amazing, but not because I haven’t had major trial and sadness, but because of how I dealt with it. The mind-shift I train on, I applied at an early age to survive and move on. I am so grateful for the landscape of my life! Hard lessons included. What I can control, all of us can control is the choice in our lives. To be positive, loving, giving! To embrace abundance (not as easy for most as it sounds)
I also discovered that I thrive most when I am helping others thrive! It is that realization that brought the vision of SMW! Celebrating and elevating others by gifting them with what they need to succeed! Think bigger, achieve more! SMW is here for YOU! Let us here at SMW, help you design your life and surround you with the beauty, and abundance you deserve!

Thank you for joining us on this page. We look forward to getting to know you and would

love for you to share your story with us too!

"Each and every one of us are capable of creating great things, united we are unstoppable."     - Cynthia Delaney

 The Vision

Two years ago Cynthiaa Delaney had a vision that would bring women from around the world together to support, celebrate, and elevate each other's lives, dreams and achievements. Her passion was to connect women with their passions and discover their purpose and ultimately ignite their destiny. Within 8 weeks the vision was launched and the first ever event "Ignite Your Destiny" Event was announced.


    Women across the country came together from all backgrounds and skill sets to celebrate the vision in Tucson, Arizona at the Ritz-Carlton. From stay at home moms to health and wellness experts, coaches, and celebrities. Their stories fueled the event. Inspiring women through being real and authentic, giving them answers to how they can live a better and more fulfilled life. Hundreds of women found a home with the SMW Tribe. Women were encouraged to give purpose to their trial and give power to their personal experiences and how they could touch the lives of other women by paying it forward. This moved women to impact the world and women around them.    

 SMW and the vision to help women thrive has expanded globally. Since we launched the Ignite Your Destiny event we have increased our platform to memberships, online events and monthly mini events in 7 states. We have just announced the second ever "Ignite Your Destiny" 2-day event, featuring guest speakers from around the globe.  We have also announced strategic alliances with recognizable companies, products and services that will better enrich women's lives. Focusing on body, mind and soul abundance as major part of our philosophy.



Self Made Woman is introducing a Epic Life Experience! You won't find us anywhere else!

Experience an awakening! We are excited to share the tools that will change your lives forever!

SMW – Self Made Woman will treat you to an experience that mirrors all levels of an abundant life!

You will have a clear path and a focused plan to living to your full potential! Soul, Body & Mind!

Learn how to capture the inner peace you are searching for, how to feed your body with the ultimate fuel

and how to create a mind-shift for a lifetime!


We will teach you how to tap into the resources you already have and to create a next level version

(finding your inner badass and capitalizing on your strengths) of YOU!

We will connect you with financial gurus to learn from their years of experience and the millions they have made, so that you now can create a impermeable wall of protection around you and your family!

You will have a financial portfolio that diagrams how to put 7 streams of income into action for you today!

We will also talk about the power of giving back & how that fills your soul and helps you financially! You will have an exact portfolio designed for your life and your needs! You will receive training materials and guides as well as videos.


This will all be included in your SMW experience! SMW values you and is designed to be a platform that levels you Up! We only ask that you Pay It Forward to everyone! You will be empowered, refreshed, awakened and strengthened!  You will be joining some of the most driven, positive and accomplished women in the world in their fields of expertise for an orgasmic experience of life! You will leave with all you need to live better, feel better, look better and perform better and we will be talking frankly (No bars! Shoot from the hip!)!

There are no boundaries with SMW!  If you are looking for edgy, straight forward talk, you found US!

We will focus on your passions, purpose and destiny, all while teaching you to recognize your biggest commodity, YOU! We will infuse each day with body, mind and soul while healing you in the process and teach you how to empower others as well.


There are many surprises that await you with your one of kind SMW experience! 

Join the other women who have joined SMW to level up and “Live, Don't Exist”!

It is time to design your life and live with passion and purpose!

Receive our magazine, our gift to you, and join the SMW Memberships! 

Your full membership and complete access to all interviews, blogs, podcasts, training materials,

live Q&A with experts and much more!


We look forward to personally welcoming you to the SMW Tribe today!

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