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Cynthiaaa has extraordinary success at achieving and exceeding goals. She creates events that resonate with women and their passions. She builds platforms and foundations to help other women succeed at achieving a stronger mindset, and living a more abundant life! It must be a win-win. She has built businesses around the world that focus on elevating and celebrating the lives of others. Her passion is to open up women's minds to their limitless abundance, Cynthiaa has been described as an explosion of inspiration and energy. Audiences love her, she is known for being "from the heart" and relatable. Cynthiaa delivers actionable strategies and knows how to stir passion and inspire action. Her goals include seeing women thrive and living their best lives yet. Cynthiaa is the visionary and founder of Self Made Woman. Her philosophy is “Live, Don’t Exist!" Life is a precious gift and should be celebrated”.


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BONUS! Now Championship Mindset & Women In Business Coaching are Combined!

Championship Mindset:


Be in charge of your own destiny. Master your mindset and thrive.



A mindset coach is someone who helps you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. Cynthiaa will help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results!


Mindset is so much more than "positive thinking" or journaling. Your mindset is made up of your thoughts, beliefs, values, history, strategies, behaviors, habits, actions, in-actions, identity, memories and so much more.


 So developing it, mastering it and your ability, confidence and courage to go for your dreams is an essential part of creating your dream life. 


By participating, you will develop the skills to conquer your fears + banish the limiting beliefs that keep you playing small. The application of these skills will determine your success.


You’ll experience the powerful and positive results of MAKING IT HAPPEN!


You’ll take your dreams and carefully craft a plan that will have them manifest before your eyes. You’ll shape your destiny and take responsibility for making what you want a reality. You’ll learn the skills for achieving success in every area of your life. You'll gain tips and resources that you can carry with you throughout your transformation.


As long as you show up, complete the activities and commit to applying what you learn on a daily basis, you will get results!


Hear From Cynthiaa!

November Coaching:


"5 Steps To Becoming More Influential

and Successful" 


Thursday, November 19th

4pm PST / 7pm EST


Women In Business Coaching:


Cynthiaa will arm you with the confidence and step by step system that will increase your results!


Great things never come from comfort zones.


Experience game changing growth, through proven strategies that will take your business to the next level!





Whether you are running a small, local business or looking to build a worldwide company, the benefits of business coaching cannot be overstated.


Running a business can often feel like a very solitary pursuit. However, as with most things in life, having an experienced mentor that you can rely on is one of the most valuable resources available to business owners.


Hear From Cynthiaa!

November Coaching:


"5 Steps To Becoming More Influential

and Successful" 


Thursday, November 19th

4pm PST / 7pm EST


Live Coaching with Cynthiaa Delaney has been the MOST life changing "school" or mentorship I have EVER experienced. Cynthiaa has the ability to take life's experiences and put into a teachable format. As she guides you through an 

uncomfortable event that will cause you to grow, she 

gently persuades you to walk the walk. Through this process, I have grown out of my "box" ... you know, that area where you are comfortable with all things in your life. BUT, if you really want to be your best, you must learn and grow. Then, don't get comfortable 

because you must again, learn and grow. Finding the words to describe my experience of being a 

student of Cynthiaa is a challenge because I am so grateful for the woman that I have become because of her coaching. I am forever grateful. AND, the time and money spent was an immeasurable investment in ME! She taught me that I am worthy and I deserve, and now I believe it! I live it! Cynthiaa's knowledge is vast and she excels in so many areas. She is a very 

successful entrepreneur and can shortcut your success when she shares what she has learned with you. So ... run, don't walk into her next available opportunity because they are limited. If you are ready to level up your life, do it now and do it with Cynthiaa. There is NO better.

Donnis Hiskett

Orange County, CA

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a lot of hard and challenging work. Life tells us to not try to reinvent the wheel, but to find someone who has gone where we are trying to go to instruct us on how to get there. I found that person to be Cynthiaa Delaney because she has built many multi-million dollar businesses. She has the ability, insight, intuition, and knowledge to see what you need to do and to give you the skills to become successful in your endeavor. Her coaching has improved my business 100%. The instructions she gave me were extremely valuable.  When you a start a new enterprise and you don’t know what to do, or how to get started you need to enlist the aid of a coach, because you can’t see what you don’t know. Cynthiaa is great at guiding you to see the big picture. She is a hard worker and makes you work hard also. I feel very grateful that she is my business coach.

Dr.Brenda Stratton

Chesapeake, VA

I have been mentored by Cynthiaa in a few different platforms. Cynthiaa’s desire and heart for women has inspired her to teach. Her Live Coaching is perfect for women who want to level up, or face something that is blocking them from success. Success is many things, abundance in all aspects of life, is what I have personally learned and applied to my life! I now am on the journey to my dreams and goals! Thank you Cynthiaa for your teaching style and mentoring heart! Every entrepreneur will benefit as I have, when you learn and apply what Cynthia ateaches. It truly has been a huge shift change in my life.

Thank you Cynthiaa.

Sherri LaClaire

Seattle, WA

November Coaching:


"5 Steps To Becoming More Influential

and Successful" 


Thursday, November 19th

4pm PST / 7pm EST










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