"Here at Self Made Woman, we make heart work the fuel that grows the mission to impact women around the world. Our philosophy is simple, living is a gift, but touching another life is the greatest gift of all. Paying it forward and contributing to causes, platforms, and foundations around the world is a part of our passion. We are honored to collaborate with other women making a difference." - Cynthiaa Delaney

Our mission is to always pay it forward!

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25% of all proceeds go to Fight The Good Fight, a non-profit for the fight against Human Trafficking.

Self Made Woman & Message To The Nations

Message to the Nations, Inc. (MTTN) is making it's mark on the lives of disadvantaged people in Ghana, South Africa and around the world. Founded in 1975 by Dr. Brenda Stratton, Message to the Nations is a Virginia-based 501(c)(3) organization set up to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  


MTTN seeks to strengthen living conditions within our local communities and throughout the world by promoting education, health education, social and community services. We provide aid in achieving self-sufficiency among disadvantaged individuals and families. Our vision is to empower the people of Ghana, South Africa, and other nations to understand and know their purpose and destiny, advancing the progress of the local communities and society.

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