Cynthiaa has extraordinary success at achieving and exceeding goals. She creates events that resonate with women and their passions. She builds platforms and foundations to help other women succeed at achieving a stronger mindset, and living a more abundant life! It must be a win-win. She has built businesses around the world that focus on elevating and celebrating the lives of others. Her passion is to open up women's minds to their limitless abundance, Cynthiaa has been described as an explosion of inspiration and energy. Audiences love her, she is known for being "from the heart" and relatable. Cynthiaa delivers actionable strategies and knows how to stir passion and inspire action. Her goals include seeing women thrive and living their best lives yet. Cynthiaa is the visionary and founder of Self Made Woman. Her philosophy is “Live, Don’t Exist!" Life is a precious gift and should be celebrated.

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