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"Let It All Out"

Online Webinar Event

Here at Self Made Woman, we believe that every woman deserves to be heard. We are working hard to give women a global platform to express themselves freely. This is the no judgement zone and we want to hear what you have to say. If not now, when? What you put off never gets done. We are excited to learn more about you! You're 1 in 400 trillion and what you have to offer is priceless. We are all unique and important, join us on the "Let It All Out" Webinar to hear from women that will be uniquely expressing themselves too!


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Online Series

Would you reject a $1 million dollar winning lottery ticket, if it was given to you?

What would you do with that $1 million dollars?

How would it change your life?


Too many people reject money without knowing it.


Possibly from old programming or patterns that are established from influences like family,

friends or outside sources that contribute to what we see and hear everyday. Too

many people associate money with limitations when in all actuality, money can create

a limitless foundation that includes time, experiences, and

the ability to contribute to others. ​


The mindset that money is bad, creates a reality of lack that

​blocks abundance. Are you ready to change that?


Learning to receive opportunity and embrace success through mindset, skillset and 

mentorship is your key to unlocking financial abundance.

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"10 Days To A New You" teaches you how to disrupt old patterns that aren't serving you and create the life you've been dreaming of!


Daily Workshops and Training Videos Over the 10 Days, Proven to Elevate Your Life and Your Passions


Worksheets, Tips and Resource Guides that Focus on Health, Wealth, Relationships and More


Access Course 24/7


Lifetime Access

Online Event

An amazing experience focused on embracing your past and elevating your future!


- An Epic life changing experience from the comfort of your home


Living Your Dreams, An Epic Self Empowerment Journey like nothing you've ever experienced


- Featuring Women from all backgrounds and life experiences


- Topics, tips, and resources that focus on connecting you with your dreams and

the big vision for your life


- Be Empowered by women who are experts in Mindset, Intention, Intuition, Mindfulness, Balance,  

Strengthening Your Voice, Knowing You're Worthy, Claiming Abundance, and more


- From Authors to Celebrities, from stay at home moms to women in corporate America,  

their knowledge, skills, tips, and resources will empower you.


Lifetime Access from the comfort of your home

Live Events

*In light of the current concerns of the coronavirus (COVID-19), our "Ignite Your Life" Events and "Ignite Your Soul" are postponed until further notice. The safety of our members, guests, and team members is our first priority. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you at an event later in the year.*

"Ignite Your Life" Events

"Ignite Your Soul" Retreat


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